I am an information visualization researcher and developer creating engaging, informative and interactive data-driven interfaces and visualizations.

My love for data and its visual forms started at The Visual Communication Lab @ IBM Research in 2008 and continued at Bocoup where I was the founding Director and Principal Data Visualization Engineer on the Data Visualization team. I was also the organizer and program co-chair of Bocoup's OpenVis Conf, a two day conference about the practice of data visualization on the open web which I founded in 2013 to foster a community of knowlege-sharing and transparancy.

I am passionate about providing access to information that can empower and delight. I am also an open source developer, striving to build in the open and share my successes and failures in support of others.

I dabble in photography and occationally music.

I am currently exploring new opportunities, full time or contract. Get in touch with me if you think we'd make a great team!


Web-based version available here